Tessellator and Telescope

Change Password - FAQs

How to change or reset my Tessellator Account password?

Very simple, follow the steps mentioned below:

1.     Go to Login Page of Tessellator

2.     Click on Forgot Password link

3.     Enter your Passcode and your Username. Click on Submit button.

4.     In the new page, enter the new password and confirm the new password.

5.     Login to Tessellator with the new password.

What is Passcode?

Passcode is a 4-digit secret key generated for you by Tessellator. You need this secret key whenever you want to change the password of your Tessellator account.

How do I know my Passcode?

For the first time, your Passcode would be sent to your email account registered with Tessellator. If you have not registered your email with Tessellator yet, then you need to contact KMIT Administration.

Why is PASSCODE important for me?

Without Passcode, you would not be able to change your password of your Tessellator account. So, it is highly recommended memorize or note the system generated Passcode of your Tessellator account.

DO NOT share your Passcode with anyone else.

What are the requirements of password?

Tessellator and Telescope Account passwords must be at least 8 characters long. They can include:

1.     Uppercase and lowercase letters. Passwords are case-sensitive, so "T" is different from "t"

2.     Numbers (0 – 9)

3.     These symbols: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ { | } ~

4.     Spaces: You can't use a space in your password.

Can I change my username?

No, you cannot change your username. It is always your 10-digit Hall Ticket number.

How do I change my password of my Telescope account?

Simple, follow the steps mentioned below:

1.     Go to Login page of Telescope (ngitonline.com)

2.     Click on Forgot Password link

3.     Provide your Roll number, Telescope will generate a token and send a link to your email.

4.     Open email sent by Telescope and click on the link mentioned in the email. It will open a new page to change the password.

5.     Enter the new password and confirm the new password. Click Submit.

6.     Go to Login page again, and login to Telescope using the new password.

I use both Tessellator and Telescope. Can I use Tessellator account password to login to Telescope?

Yes, if you have manually set the same password to both Tessellator and Telescope accounts. Tessellator and Telescope do not, automatically, share the passwords for your accounts.

What if I forgot my Tessellator Passcode?

In case, you lost the Tessellator Passcode, you need to contact Tessellator Administrator to generate a new Passcode for your Tessellator account.